What are Dental veneers

Dental veneer is like a Dental Pearl which your dentist loves to put on your teeth to enhance the tooth beauty for a better, improved brighter smile. These are made up of dental ceramic material and are unbreakable and unstainable once they are put on teeth.

How should one decide whether we get the veneer done or not?

Veneers can alter the shape, size, texture, colour, appearance for good. If you’re unsatisfied with the way your teeth look you must consult for a smile changer dental veneers treatment. It can change your smile permanently. No one can make out whether something is done on your teeth until they make a dental visit accompanying you.

  • Sometimes teeth gets discolored due to root canal treatment;
  • stains due to some drugs like tetracycline,
  • excess fluoride content,
  • large resin fillings,
  • broken teeth,
  • chipped teeth.
  • Teeth that are worn down due to some reasons some naturally  misshaped teeth- peg laterals etc.

These are some conditions which can be permanently improved with veneers treatment.

How much is dental veneer procedure painful?

A dental veneer procedure isn’t  painful. This involves the preparation of a tooth at a very superficial level. Hence the painful nerves are’nt  approached/touched during this procedure.

Dental veneer replaces the tooth enamel and its placement is done maximally in enamel due to which the procedure is far from pain.

How much is the lifespan of a Dental Veneer?

Dental veneer when bonded to the tooth creates a very strong bond with tooth. It is said that you’re borne with it in your next life time.

The veneer is having micromechanical bonds with tooth. It doesn’t come out easily. It is a dental restoration with maximum longevity. Once it is done you can brush your teeth normally, eat with them normally. There is no hassle of regular maintenance for them, although one must visit dentist 6 monthly.

Shall I completely rely on a dental veneer for tooth transformation?

Hi everyone, this is a very technical question when comes to answering it.

As a indications of a dental veneer are clear cut- the discolored/chipped/broken teeth which needs the changes in shape or size or texture or length veneer just work very very well!!

Coming to the malaligned/ misaligned improperly arranged  teeth. One requires the biomechanical correction of their correct placement in jaws or I shall say once aligned dental veneer help them to give a beautiful appearance if required.

A transformation in properly aligned teeth are done with veneers although the positioning can be only mildly corrected.

If one is having spaces between teeth which are not big enough to be giving a full or wider look if  corrected with veneers then veneers you can do wonders.

Normally two front teeth gaping can be very nicely corrected with veneers.

Dental veneers are truly magical treatment.