Laser Hair Removal in Punjabi Bagh, Paschim Vihar is, without a doubt, the most comfortable, effective, fast and economical solution to reduce or eliminate hair permanently.

At Zenith Skin & Dental Clinic, we are the best in offering you the latest cutting-edge technology in laser hair removal, as well as a trustworthy treatment with our medical control service for all our laser hair removal treatments. Our skin specialist in Punjabi Bagh has worked to offer you the best services, so that you can make your decision with complete confidence and peace of mind. So that you trust us.

Virtually painless, applicable at any time of the year and suitable for all skin types, areas and hair, the diode laser not only helps you remove hair or combat problems such as folliculitis or excess sweating, but also ensures regain soft, smooth and supple skin.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal in Punjabi Bagh

These are some of the advantages of laser hair removal:

  • Less hair in less time
  • Less risk of injury to the skin (cooling system)
  • Improves the appearance and quality of the skin
  • Improves body hygiene
  • Less sweating and reduction of body odor
  • Removal of hair cystic (eliminates hair follicle)
  • Improvement of hydro and aerodynamic capacity (for athletes)
  • Favors healing

How is it laser hair removal procedure? 

Before starting the treatment, a brief consultation will be made to ensure that there are no incompatibilities or skin pathologies that do not allow the correct performance of the diode laser procedure. A skin sensitivity test will also be carried out to determine the level of tolerance and skin reaction to the laser in order to avoid skin injuries or aggressions and to detect the appropriate level of power to apply in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Through a head adapted to the area of ​​the body on which the treatment affects, the laser is applied that emits pulses per fraction of a second, to allow the hair to absorb the light and heat up. It is precisely the heat that damages the stem and bulb and prevents the hair from growing again. During this process, many follicles can be treated simultaneously, so this is much faster than traditional laser. After the session, a repair cream is applied to calm and hydrate the skin, but it is very common and normal to notice a slight redness or inflammation of the treated areas. It is a sign that the treatment has been effective. These effects will disappear in approximately 72 hours.

Some darker or tanned skin may experience small blisters or blisters that disappear after a few weeks. The frequency between sessions will depend on the recommended treatment for each situation and according to the intended results per area. The sessions last between 30 and 40 minutes on average and allow immediate reincorporation and without significant discomfort to daily life.

laser hair removal in Punjabi Bagh

Recommendations for laser hair removal in Paschim Vihar

Before treatment, the following steps must be taken:

  • Moisturize the skin in depth for at least three days with Centros Único post-laser cream.
  • In case of sun exposure or UVA rays, warn it before each session, to adjust the treatment parameters.
  • Do not depilate the areas to be treated with wax or tweezers a month before the treatment. Shave the area perfectly with a blade, except the facial area, which will be shaved by the laser operator on the same day of treatment.
  • Do not apply self-tanning products the week before the treatment, or bleach the hair to be waxed at least 15 days before it.
  • Have clean skin without makeup on the day of treatment.
  • Do not use cosmetics that contain glycolic or retinoic acid in the three days prior to the treatment, nor apply deodorant before or after the session (armpit area).
  • If the skin suffers from chloasma or a tendency to hyperpigmentation, use a local depigmenting agent during the two weeks prior to treatment.
  • In the event that you suffer from recurrent cold sores (more than once a month), advise the professional who attends you to start prevention treatment the day before the session.

After treatment:

  • Use protective cream, keep the skin hydrated.
  • Avoid inflammation of the treated areas by immediate application of other cosmetic products that contain alcohol.
  • Do not exfoliate or rub the depilated area with horsehair gloves or similar.
  • Do not perform hair removal methods before or after the session.
  • Avoid intense sun exposure or UVA rays during the first 7 days after the session.
  • In case of any redness, inflammation or changes in skin color, go to the center for consultation. In no case self-medicate.
  • Do not perform physical exercises, or swim in pools, or saunas in 24-48 hours.
  • Do not use hot water in 24-48 hours.