Hair Removal using State-of-the-Art Lightsheer Laser Diode Technology Ce and FDA approved.

The Laser has a gold standard in permanent hair reduction clinically documented with proven results.

Safely and effectively treats unwanted hair on all skin types including Asian Skin.

Unique output control enables treating nearly any diameter or hair colour.

Advanced ChillTip™ hand piece ensures patient safety and comfort, cools the skin on contact allowing more energy to be delivered while still protecting the skin.

How Does It Work?

The light sheer beam targets the melanin located in hair driving the heat to the follicles. The laser pulse for only a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment, thus destroying or significantly impeding the hair’s ability to regrow, but not long enough to affect the surrounding skin.

Special female trainers do full body hair removal in female patients.


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