Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure in which we clean and shape the tooth from its crown and roots till the end  it is extended in  bone  by means of special instrumentation with an aim in mind to correct the infected pulp inside the tooth.

Tooth is form of three main layers, Pulp  is  the third main layer among  dentin, enamel and pulp in pulp when pulp gets infected with microrganisms severe pain occurs This may even lead to infection in alveolar bone (surrounding bone around tooth), To prevent further extension of infection root canal treatment is a must.

What if a tooth is not root canal treated in spite of infected pulp?

If a tooth is infected and Dentist suggests root canal treatment, the patient must undergo the procedure As RCT disinfect the tooth and makes it healthy again.if the infection is silent and clinical and radiographic judgment  suggest RCT the procedure must not be delayed. Infection has tendency  to involve underlying structures.

How much a root canal treatment (RCT) pains?

Root canal treatment is done in most cases where the subject is already undergoing severe pain. Every procedure  in medical sciences is done to either bring back the organ/affected part of body in function again. The aim is to make the person get rid of infection which is producing discomfort to our bodies. As tooth   is a closed chamber with infection in it. The root canal procedure first opens the tooth  and then clean and shapes it the whole procedure  is almost few minutes 30-40 minutes minimum which is done under local anaesthesia.

For lower teeth, an injection in lower jaw anesthetise the teeth, for upper as the bone is soft, injection is usually given near tooth.

Injections can be painless, dentists are using multiple anesthetizeing  creams and sprays to prevent the pain during the prick of needles.fiction skin deep in list dentist are you single people and a citizen dreams and sprees to prevent the pain during the pic of needlesThe whole aim and procedure’s results make it a win win situation. Both patients and Dentist must work upon it as soon as possible to arrest the increase of infection in tooth & then in bone. The pain is  always  feared upon by the patient. But because  it  is a single sitting  procedure & no side effects. Patient must  trust  the procedure and the dentist towards its high success in every  sense.

 Does  medication help in root canal treatment?

Is Medicine required in RCT?

Patients usually ask to give medicines in Root Canal Treatments.Root canal treatment may not require medicines like antibiotics etc. with the treatment. Dentist has to judge and avoid overuse of medicines. It is a very localised and highly precise procedure.  Giving medicines and non performance of the good cleaning and shaping makes patients visit Dentist for prolonged pain in RCT. The procedure is very beautiful it relieves the pain instantly. Dentist must work upon  with complete and thorough cleaning and shaping to give complete healing in single session. Sometimes bone is affected a lot, pus drainages  are there, patient is in high pain.Then the usage of medicines are advisable and 3 4days medicines are  associated with RCT cures the patient thoroughly.

Does RCT  take single visit /multiple visits?

RCT usually takes single visit only. It is a procedure of almost 40 to 50 minutes. But every tooth  response is different. Sometimes it requires multiple visits. But single visit is successfully done by us at Zenith in 95% cases

 Do children can get root canal treatment?

Yes,pulp is present in children’s teeth and it can also become infected. To treat it, similar procedure is performed for child tooth. Children tooth can be primary tooth/permanent tooth

Can I join my office /routine after the RCT?

Yes you can very well resume the normal activities like office/ household/ gyming/jogging/ going outs immediately after root canal procedure.

What to eat and not after RCT?

What are the Post Op Instructions after RCT?

You must observe certain instructions after root canal treatment.

1-Avoid eating from the side of tooth where it is done

2- Avoid having very hot and cold food like shakes juices ,soft drinks ice tea etc after RCT for two days at least .Avoid very hot beverages and food also after the procedure for same 2-3 days.

3-Do warm saline rinses that is the range 4 to 5 times with warm water with some common salt added in it. Do it after every meal this will increase the tissue healing power and gives a healthy overall effect to your mouth and specified tooth

4- Take proper medications as prescribed by the Dentist.

Technology with us-

Apex locators

Compact Design with Proven Apex Location Technology

The world’s best selling apex locator , compact– Root ZX mini.

This unit offers the proven Root ZX apex location technology which has been independently evaluated at a 97.5% accuracy rate
Root ZX mini measures just over 4” x 2 1/3” and can be placed on the tray or any other convenient location during procedures.
The LCD display screen has maintained excellent readability with a clear, progressive display and high contrast.

Root ZX mini offers 3 programmable memory settings.

features include: shock resistance, automatic calibration, and power off function.

  • Compact, conveniently portable design
  • Measures just over 4”x 2⅓”
  • Proven Root ZX apex location technology
  • Programmable memory settings
  • Easy to read screen with progressive display
  • Shock resistance


X smart endomotor


The X-Smart™ endodontic micromotor is a simple and easy to use unit deigned for Dental `Practitioners carrying out rotary endodontics.

  • Simple, flat control panel and LCD screen
  • Advanced handpiece – light and small head that can be adjusted to 6 positions
  • Compact and portable – operates with or without foot pedal and can be battery operated as well as electrically powered
  • Three auto-reverse modes
  • 9 adjustable programme selections

T3 handpieces


The titanium-coated turbines have a good grip. Up to 23 watts of power and ceramic ball bearings ensure eff
icient work for a long time.

The all-rounder T3 Boost supports you efficiently during all your work, while the T3 mini is particularly beneficial when you are working in the molar region. T3 Racer, the fixed connection turbine provides best technical quality“ Made in Germany”.

  • Significantly more power with smaller head size
  • Good grip, thanks to titanium-coated outer sleeve
  • Durable ceramic ball bearings and good grip
  • Protective-Head-System (PHS) with dual anti-retraction stop
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