RUNYES Feng 22L B Type Steam Sterlizer/Autoclave


  • B-Type front loading fully automatic autoclave
  • With vaccum & dry cycle
  • 22 ltr capacity and micro processor controlled
  • Wrapped/unwrapped,porous, solid instrument
  • including cotton swabs can be sterilized
  • Bow and Dick test qualified
  • Digital display of pressure and temperature
  • Double safety lock on the door
  • Silicon Gasket prevents any leakage of air
  • Diagnostic automatic alarm for any malfactioning
  • Can be used at 1210 C/1340 C during sterilization.
  • 2 Storage tanks for fresh and used water.
  • Chamber Size 250mm*450mm
  • Net weight 55Kg
  • No. of Tray 3 No.


  • B-Type autoclaves have access to 3 vacuum cycles, maintaining a complete germ free sterile environment ideal for sterilization
  • Patient drape, cotton, hollow & porous items can be sterilized ideally with B-Type autoclave
  • Advanced level of sterilization inside, ensure complete bacterial free instruments for surgical cases
  • Silicone gasket : seals the chamber to develop adequate pressure & ensures safety
  • Thermostat: prevents over heating of the chamber


  • deal for sterilization of wrapped/unwrapped instruments
  • Porous, solid instruments
  • Cotton swabs can also be sterilized

Pouch instruments



Our instruments are “autoclave pouched” to maintain sterility. All instruments remain wrapped in the pouch until the patient is seated.

Surface Decontamination and Barrier Wraps

All surfaces including (but not limited to) counter tops, dental chair, light handles, safety glasses etc. are wiped down and disinfected after treatment of each patient. Additionally, handles and instruments, which can be wrapped, are wrapped with a protective barrier and changed between each patient.



Aerosol Fumigator

They decontaminate operatories.

Ensures hygiene and a healthy environment.

Aerosol Fumigators make the environment germs free instantly.

Aerosol Fumigators are easy to operate and consume low energy in its operation.

This Disinfector converts liquid formalin & water to Aerosol form & rapidly dissipates to all parts of room due to vapor pressure gradient & effectively eliminates bacteria.

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