PRP for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss is an emotional trauma to the patients.
There are ways to treat hair loss in both men and women. Its true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, mostly due to male pattern of hair loss.
But thinning of hairs and hair loss are also common in women and no less demoralizing.
Reasons can range from simple and temporary.
Vitamin deficiency- to more complex underlying health conditions.

hair loss woman

PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma”. This technique is used to stimulate hair growth.

In this technique platelet’s blood is taken as if we give blood sample for routine
using. The active component which is required for hair growth is separated and used. This is then injected into scalp skin.
-Thinning of hair – Dental Implants
– Diffuse hair loss – Sinus lift surgery
– Hair fall
Usually 2-3 sessions are done. Second session done after 4-6 weeks. Third after 6 months.
How does PRP Work?
PRP contains several growth factors and cytokines. These cells stimulate hair follicles to grow. Thus existing hairs become more thicker and miniaturized hair (Fine hair) become (terminal hair) longer and thiken.
The concentration of platelets and there by the concertration of growth factors is usually more than five times than normally present in blood.
Growth of hair follicle by stimulating the stem cells and other cells in the hair follicle. This also stimulate inactive hair follicles.

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