Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism and Hair transplant, Dental Implants

The Hair Transplant and Dental implants are treatment modalities which is offered by us in a very lucid way.

The Clients are coming to us from all over World to avail are services in this manner. The centre facilities are world class with well connectivity by metro, train and bus. The clinic is located on main road. The Airport and trains facility of Delhi city is par excellent. The treatment procedure is this manner is so well designed that you can enjoy scenic beauty of Delhi city and around areas plus at the same time can get the treatment. Zenith is working with one of the best tour operators in Delhi, Green Chili holidays.


It is an important aspect of the overall experience of treatment in India. The stay in India should be good and the patient and their relatives should have a comfortable stay and overall nice experience.

We ensure that the accommodation suggested to the patient and relatives is neat and clean and offer a safe environment.

These places are carefully chosen by our team so as to meet the expectations of the patients and their accompanists.

Taxis are generally easily available within the city and if at few places these are not easy to find, then taxis can be pre booked for the patients so that they have smooth logistics.We can also take of your needs that may come across your stay in Delhi, including assistance for further treatments, cures for illness caused due to climatic condition and tour packages to experience India.

Sightseeing Tour

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions of historical and cultural importance. In addition, its stunning natural beauty overwhelms foreign visitors to India. It is one of those countries where you can see the best that the nature offers, snow-capped mountains, deserts, sea beaches, and jungles.

Normally, when a patient comes to India for medical treatment then on top of his mind is his well being and tourism takes a back seat.

But if the whole tour is planned in advance, at the time of planning to come to India for treatment then it becomes whole lot easy.

There will be times when the patient will not be able to accompany the relatives for sightseeing because of his medical condition, then in such cases, during the time of rehabilitation or recuperation, the relatives or the attendants can plan a short trip to nearby exotic places.

Also most of the times, the patient post his medical procedure can accompany to places where he also gets a lot of help in rehabilitation and rejuvenation such as dedicated spa resorts like “Ananda in Himalyas” & Ayurveda centres in Kerala

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