Laser hair removal is a procedure done to remove unwanted hairs from the body. Actually hair removal is a misnomer since there is a reduction in hair and not removal.

After laser hair removal, growth of hairs get delayed, density of hair decreases and  it becomes fine. Usually sessions are are done 6-8 weeks apart.

Advantages: Repeated pain of waxing, which is usually done every 2-4 weeks is not needed. also waxing can cause multiple red spots on body parts and cause rough skin texture and folliculitis.

Before doing laser, the area is shaved with a razor, then laser is done. Light rays then hit the roots of hair which are around 6-8 mm below the skin surface. Ultimately it weakens the roots giving delayed and fine hair growth.

The laser doesn’t work on white (grey) hair. This procedure is very safe. Full body session takes around 3 hours. There are no side effects. It  can be started after 18 years of age.

We at Zenith uses latest state of the art DIODE laser machine. It is pain free laser as compared to Nd YAG laser.