Dental Implants



Features using advanced sensor technology, the range is equipped with and optical fiber that yields high image resolution during diagnoses. Also, the range offers greater exposure latitude for capturing the right image for the first time.

Major attributes of the range:

  • Complete integration
  • Simple sophistication
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy manipulation, printing and archiving

Dental Implants

Digital diagnostics, treatment planning & guided surgery

As an innovation leader in implant and digital dentistry, Nobel Biocare is a pioneer in the dental industry. The NobelGuide concept enables us to enhance our dental practice and treatment strategies.

NobelClinician Software


  • NobelClinician Software is the next generation of digital diagnostics and treatment planning. Together with the integrated NobelConnect, the software provides internet-based collaboration.
  • Precise implant planning with predictable outcome
  • Combine 2D pictures like clinical images and 3D views of your patient’s anatomy. Define implant locations considering availability of bone and prosthetic needs.
  • In addition, mandibular nerves and tooth roots can easily be marked with NobelClinician. 3D distances, 3D angles and HU values can be measured. Artifacts can be removed to achieve clear 3D model visualization. Tooth extractions can be simulated.

NobelGuide Concept


The NobelGuide concept’s diagnostic, planning, and placement functionality give dental professionals full control of treatment parameters.
NobelGuide is a complete treatment concept for diagnostics, prosthetic-driven treatment planning and guided implant surgery – from a single missing tooth to an completely edentulous jaw. With NobelGuide, all important decisions may be considered prior to surgery.


What makes a piece of equipment like the Implanted superior to any other drive unit for dental surgical applications are:

  • its simplicity of operation,
  • remarkable number of programs,
  • sophisticated software,
  • powerful motor with 5.5 Ncm torque
  • an ergonomic design
  • Wide speed range: 300 up to 40,000 rpm at the motor
  • Precise torque limitation: 5 to 70 Ncm
  • It also excels by virtue of its automatic thread cutter function. The logically designed operating concept ensures all programs can be set up easily, by pressing the buttons on the unit or by operating the foot control.
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