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Dental Implants are Near Natural Solutions for Missing Teeth
Dental Implants are Near Natural Solutions for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are titanium roots like structure which are placed in bone for a purpose of fixing artificial tooth above it. They are surface treated with machine for proper grip and association with human bone.
Who can get them done?
As you ask, practically anyone who requires replacement for missing teeth is a candidate of dental implants. Conditions like uncontrolled diabetes , smoking , severe alcoholic , uncontrolled gum (Perio dontal ) disease affect whether dental implants will perform fusion with bone or not.

How much time will it take for the procedure & How it is done?
The procedure of placement of implants is less than 30-40 minutes. It is similar to the extraction of tooth. If the case involves placement of multiple implants , the procedure may be longer. The surgeon first anesthetize the tissue and bone by local anesthetic techniques. The techniques are really painless at ZENITH with usage of smallest diameter needles and lateral sedative techniques.

Is the procedure painfull ?
Firstly, pain should not be factor for the decision making. Choose an option for its longer benefits. Although to answer the question, Dental implants should not be painfull at all with single implants. After placement of dental implants, over the counter medicine are prescribed to the patients- painkillers and antibiotics. Patients who undergo larger surgeries like full mouth rehabilitations or more no. of implants for teeth restoration, they require injectable form of medicines sometimes in addition with oral medicines. During procedure there is no time when patients feel pain.

Can I resume the office after the dental implants procedure? Can I return home alone after the dental implant procedure?
How long will my recovery take?

We are partners of caring for you, we do our best job to provide you functioning long term results. But the recovery part is always in patient’s hands. There are certain measures and precautions which one can take to reduce recovery time and to make it uneventful.
You can surely drive home, we always recommend for the patients to stay in our office for atleast half hour and afterwards to be accompanied by an attendant for going to home.
After how long patients can eat food after surgery?
Surgeon always give a cotton piece to bite on the surgical area. The cotton pieces are to be held tightly at the place for almost 30 minutes. After its removal, one should take some cold water. For another 24 hours, patient must avoid rinsing and have only soft and cold diet.

What are benefits of dental implants?
After successful placement of dental implant, it beomes one with the bone. They are the next best thing after your own natural teeth. They can last life time without any problem. They save lot of dental chair time for your teeth. You can enjoy life without worrying about teeth. Traditionally tooth supported dental bridges last only five to seven years, with proper care often more than 10 years, at some point they need replacements. But dental implants, placed and integrated successfully can last for a life time. With dental implants procedure alveolar bone retain their level when it is surrounding a healthy dental implant. Thus facial height, natural face shape remains maintained when implants are in place. Dental implants are so natural, you’ll not be able to differentiate between your artificial teeth and natural teeth. Removable dentures has been in dental market for decades. They are teeth more in cup than in mouth. With the help of dental implants, dentures get fixed over them and stay in place, one can enjoy chewing hard food also with it, without any difficulty. The patient’s adjacent teeth are in contact with the adjacent teeth. The contacts prevent the adjacent and counter teeth migration leading to arch stability.

Is It a good option for missing teeth ?
Implants offer a long lasting , firm and natural looking substitute for missing teeth. Implants are made up of titanium. This material has ability to fuse with bone. This technology is in use for almost more than 60 years now. This was discovered by a Swedish orthopedic Surgeon. Now there are almost 40 and more types of different implants. The number of its usage is in millions.
Treatment options for dental implants? Where it can be used ?
The answer lies in a single line – whenever there is tooth loss, we can place dental implant in jaw bone and can join tooth above it.

We are based in Delhi; our primary aim is to deliver state of the art dental and hair care to the people of Delhi and all over India. Our dental implants in Delhi are internationally standardized and cost-effective. You’ll be amazed with the results that we can get with our combination of latest technology and experienced, caring dental professionals.

Pre operative
Post operative left side


Post operative right side


Full mouth Rehabilitation Lower Pre operative
Full mouth rehabilitation post operative with 6 mandibular Implants
lakhpati mittal implants opg
Upper 2 Implants and lower one implant done for Fixed teeth restoration




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