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There are different types of dental braces that are used in orthodontics, all with the function of aligning your teeth and correcting the bite.

Regardless of the type of dental bracket you choose. Once you finish aligning your teeth, it is important to place the retainers to prevent the teeth from moving again.

Dental braces are a fundamental part of aligning teeth and correcting malpositions. It is one of the most effective treatments when it comes to placing the teeth in their correct position.

Regarding the types, we find the metal brackets, made of stainless steel and are the least aesthetic. There are more aesthetic alternatives such as sapphire brackets, a completely transparent material that does not stain. And the lingual brackets, placed on the inside of the tooth, making them practically invisible to the rest.

What are dental braces?

Advances in dentistry have allowed the development of systems that allow you to improve the position of your teeth. Thus, today we can correct the smile without others noticing. But what types are there and which one do I need?

  • Metal braces. They are the metal appliances of a lifetime. It is currently the cheapest treatment to correct the smile, although it can be lengthened and is usually the one with the most discomfort and sores.
  • Aesthetic braces. The process for aesthetic brackets is the same as for metal ones. What changes is their appearance: being made of materials such as porcelain and zirconia, they have a tone very similar to that of teeth. This treatment balances aesthetics and cost, although the appliances are more attractive than invisible orthodontics.
  • Lingual appliances. It is the most aesthetic treatment in orthodontics. It consists of wearing metal brackets on the inside of the teeth. In this way they are totally imperceptible by others.

What types of dental braces are there?

The main types of braces in orthodontics are:

  • The metal brackets.
  • Aesthetic braces (porcelain or sapphire).
  • The lingual brackets of the incognito system.
  • Invisalign clear aligners.

Metal brackets

The metal brackets are made of high-quality stainless steel. The advantage of metal brackets is the price, since they are the cheapest. The main drawback of the conventional orthodontic technique is that they are very unsightly.

They can be decorated with elastics and gums of a variety of colors, which is why some patients call colored dental braces.

Let’s be honest, Metal Brackets are the most unsightly out there, although while it is true, now the brackets are much smaller than years ago.

This type of dental braces have been, for many years, the most widely used orthodontic system and, therefore, it is the best known. They are cheaper when compared to other cosmetic dental braces.

Aesthetic brackets

They are characterized by being higher quality aesthetic brackets for being completely transparent and because they do not stain.

The aesthetic brackets have emerged as the major alternative to metal. The procedure and its functions are the same, the great change we notice in the appearance.

The orthodontists of Zenith Skin & Dental Clinic recommend sapphire aesthetic brackets because of the properties of this material.

They allow to offer a much more aesthetic image of the smile during orthodontic treatment. Since they are transparent and therefore their color is dissimulated between the teeth.

Types of aesthetic brackets

There are different types of cosmetic brackets:

  • Porcelain or ceramic braces. They achieve a color like that of the teeth, so they are less noticeable than metal brackets.
  • Sapphire braces. It is the most aesthetic option if we opt for aesthetic dental braces, since they have a transparent color and are practically invisible.

Both ceramic, porcelain or sapphire brackets are transparent and designed to harmonize with the natural color of a tooth’s enamel.

Lingual brackets

The lingual brackets are those that are placed behind the teeth. It simply consists of placing tiny gold plates, which are made to measure and adhere to the inner surface of the teeth using powerful adhesives.

The lingual braces are an invisible lingual option because the devices are not usually visible to others. The most advanced technique is the incognito system.

Lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth and are therefore “invisible” when you smile. They are 100% customized to fit the shape of each tooth.

How to know which are the best dental braces for you and prices?

As we have explained, there are different types of braces and prices.

If you want to know which one best suits your needs, consult the Zenith Skin & Dental Clinic orthodontist.

We invite you to visit us to evaluate your particular case and find out what type of dental bracket is ideal for you.

The different types of metal brackets are cheaper. However, they do not have the best aesthetics.

On the other hand, the materials used in the different types of cosmetic brackets, whether porcelain or sapphire, are a bit more expensive but allow you to show off a beautiful smile.

Finally, you have the systems considered invisible such as lingual brackets and transparent aligners, but also at a higher price.

Our orthodontists are in constant training and have the necessary certifications to successfully perform the most advanced treatments in aesthetic orthodontics. Which one does your smile need?


These are socially acceptable, transparent, comfortable and most importantly invisible.

They  can be used to treat mild to moderate crowding.

They are to be worn for atleast 14-16 hours a day to get better results.

As they are transparent,they don’t hamper social life.