Acne / pimples is a  common skin condition. In this multiple comedones(black heads and white heads), papules(red spots) and pustules can appear. Most common site is face, but they can occur over arms, chest and back also. It is treatable and if treatment is  taken on time then skin scarring and textural changes can be prevented.

Not taking treatment on time can disfigure the face permanently.

It usually beings in teenage and can occur up to 50 years of age. Some people have a myth that they will settle by themselves and treatment is not required. If early treatment is not taken then acne can make skin texture rough or form small pits(scars).

There are multiple treatment options for acne like topical creams, oral tablets. Also, peels are done for the treatment.

There are many advantages of peels, which oral tablets and creams don’t give. Peels shorten the duration of treatment. Thus dose and duration of oral medicines is reduced. Plus, peels lightens the skin complexion. It makes skin radiant, glowing and youthful and smoothens the skin texture.